Naming Your Price

The problem with hotel searching


Sometimes you just have a fixed amount of money and want to know the best hotel you can afford with this amount. Its rather difficult and takes time to run searches on hotel booking websites and filtering based on your amount



What you can’t tell



The search and filter done on a typical hotel booking website will not tell you which hotel is ready to give an immediate discount. Most of them come with pre-arranged discount which may not be good enough to match your budget



How does pricestay hotel bidding solve this allows you to submit your budget amount, just define the area you would like to stay and we will automatically notify all the hotels in that area; who will then respond to you with a bid. All you have to do is select the best and stay.



Hotel bidding in Nigeria



Wouldn’t it be better to let hotels in Nigeria know your budget and then get them to compete by submitting a bid or quote with dynamic offers? It works – pricestay Nigeria is pioneering hotel bidding in Nigeria



It’s a buyer market



We spent 180 days researching hotel room occupancy rate in Nigeria; hence we know that there is more than enough rooms to meet demand. This gives guests an advantage over hotels in price negotiations. Why not ask?



We can ask on your behalf



If you don’t ask, you don’t get, If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. — so the saying goes; But we can do it on your behalf. is smart



Once you select the area you would like to stay, and optionally the number of stars, the system will display the number of hotels that will receive your request. Moreso, pricestay will display the average room rates across these areas. We call that smart



Everybody wins



Suppliers benefit because they can sell to the most price-conscious guests without publicly disclosing those low rates. Guests benefit because they are able to stay in a choice hotel with the budget they have; and pricestay benefits by taking a small fee off the transaction



End to End transaction facilitation



We understand that “book now, pay later” works well with traditional hotel booking sites in Nigeria; but it’s largely discouraged when it comes to hotel price negotiation in Nigeria and hotel bidding in Nigeria. Instant discounts and a guarantee of booking can only be enjoyed when guests “book now, pay now”. With pricestay Nigeria, you can find a hotel in Nigeria, negotiate the price, book and pay all online.





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