Making An Offer to Hotels

The Challenge


How do you like the idea of negotiating the price of a night’s stay at a hotel in Nigeria? Perhaps not bad, but the thought of just phoning up and asking for a discount sounds like a lot of stress and you can’t just get yourself to do it. This is where we come in as pricestay



The Fact



The fact is that there are dozens of hotels in Nigeria who are happy to negotiate on price, and many who would be willing to accept a reduced offer of up to 50% off their published rack rates. How to get find and get hold of them? Again this is where we come in as pricestay



The Solution is a website that allows guests to make offers and negotiate room prices with to hoteliers in Nigeria without the embarrassment of picking up the phone or the risk of a frosty reception.



Everybody Wins



The ideal scenario for a hotel is to be at full occupancy. However, this is usually a rare scenario and hotels are now willing to sell their hotels at a lower rate but not wanting publicise it. We help hotels increase room occupancy



It's Controlled



We have put in controls to manage the offers that hotels receive. They have the option to specify the minimum amount to receive on a room below which an offer may be automatically rejected



Hotel Booking



Once negotiation is complete and the hotel accepts the price, customers have the option to confirm the agreement by making an instant payment online or generating a price agreement for payment on arrival.






pricestay operates an automatic charging system – It is basically free to make an offer to a hotel; however, where there is a huge traffic of below minimum offers, a non refundable processing fee of N250 is charged per offer



Hotel Price Comparison is the first and only hotel price comparison website in Nigeria that focuses on local booking sites. The prices quotes on our portal are average prices which help the guests make informed decisions on their offer amount






Use and to research the hotel you would like to stay in terms of amenities and reviews; once decided, come over to to negotiate the price and complete the booking.





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