Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pricestay?

Pricestay is simply an online hotel pricing portal that allows customers negotiate hotel prices with the hotels they would like to stay. We understand that sometimes, it can be quite difficult to ask hotels directly for discount even where customers would like to enjoy such discounts. To make it easy for all concerned, we then created pricestay

Where did the name Pricestay come from?

Negotiate your PRICE with hotels in Nigeria and Book your STAY with hotels in Nigeria. The name denotes the two main activities we perform: we help customers negotiate room prices with hotels in Nigeria and we also help customer book their stay with hotels in Nigeria after the negotiations may have been successful

How do customers negotiate hotel room prices using pricestay?

We have made it quite simple. Customer will search and select the hotel they would like to stay, enter the dates and number of room they want and then make an offer on the amount displayed. This offer will automatically be sent to the hotel who will then accept, reject or even you’re a counter offer. In which case the customer will have to accept or reject.

What about hotel bidding?

In an instance whereby the customer does not mind which hotel to stay and is fixed by a budget, then the customer can submit their budget amount within a specific area and pricestay will automatically send the offer to all hotel within its database who can then offer an available room to the customer at their named price. We like to call this Name Your Own Price in Nigeria

Do you offer hotel deals?

Yes we do. Our hotel deals in Nigeria differ from what you would ordinarily find out there. We create bulk stay deals and offer them to customers at a huge discount. Comparing like for like, customers will find pricestay best to work with when it comes to hotels in Nigeria

How does pricestay differ from and jovago in Nigeria?

We really do not compete with and jovago. We like to say that our services actually complement each other. The main difference is that customers can research which hotels they would like to stay using sites like and jovago. When they have decided on which hotel to stay and the room they would like, then they can come to pricestay to negotiate the price directly with the hotel.

Do you charge for your services?

At the moment, the service is free for all customers and we the hotels pay us a little commission for sending customers their way. Our commissions are quite small considering the discount already offered by the hotels. In anycase, we believe it is a win situation for everyone. Customers get a discount, hotels get to sell their rooms, whilst we make a token. This we think is fair

How do you prevent abuse of making offers by customers?

To prevent customers from making ridiculous offers, we have worked closely with the hotels to set a minimum value for each hotel room. This means that customers cannot make an offer lower than this value. Where a minimum value has not been set, customer may be required to make an offer payment of N500 to discourage abuse of use

How does pricestay benefit hotels in Nigeria?

Pricestay is primarily focused on helping hotels in Nigeria sell their rooms thereby increasing room occupancy. The fixed costs associated with running a hotel in Nigeria is so high such that hotels that cannot find innovative ways to sell their hotel rooms often end up shutting down or offering low quality services. We believe that pricestay is the first hotel room negotiating portal in Nigeria and the first to offer bulk hotel deals in Nigeria.